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'Peggoty' Chalets, Features and Prices

We offer six chalets built in a terrace, with sleeping accommodation in two bedrooms, one with a double bed (4’) and one with two singles (2’6”).


They have kitchenettes and a ‘wet room’ containing toilet and shower. Cooking and heating is by electric and a microwave is provided.


These chalets are recommended for up to four people. The overall size is approximately 25’ by 15’


Cars cannot be parked immediately outside these chalets but may be parked on the adjacent driveway. Chalet 1 is closest to this driveway.

Please note- although our general rule of ‘no dogs’ applies, an exception may be made for certified guide dogs. Peggoty 1 is the only chalet designated for this purpose.


Weekly Prices for April 2023, 'Peggoty'

1st-8th APR: £200

8th-15th: £200

15th-22nd: £200

22nd-29th: £200

Weekly Prices for May 2023

6th-13th MAY: £210

13th-20th: £200

20th-27th: £240

27th MAY-3rd JUNE: £265

Weekly Prices for June 2023

3rd-10th JUNE: £280

10th-17th: £280

17th-24th: £280

24th JUNE-1st JULY: £280

Weekly Prices for July 2023

1st-8th JULY: £280

8th-16th: £290

15th-22nd: £290

22nd-29th: £295

26th AUG-2nd SEPT: £360

19th-26th: £360

12th-19th: £360

5th-12th AUG : £360

Weekly Prices for August 2023

Weekly Prices for September 2023

9th-16th: £295

16th-23rd: £290

23rd-30th: £280

21st-28th: £230

14th-21st: £230

7th-14th: £230

30th SEPT-7th OCT: £235

Weekly Prices for October 2023

29th APR -6th MAY: £210

29th JULY-5th AUG: £360

2nd-9th SEPT: £355

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