'Copperfield' Chalets, Features and Prices

We offer four chalets built in a terrace. All have been modified with a new kitchenette (with microwave) and level-entry shower unit with fold-down shower seat. They have been altered to make them as wheelchair- friendly as possible. They are, however, not suitable for people with severe handicaps.

Sleeping accommodation is in two bedrooms, one with a 4’6” double bed, and the other with a 4’6” double plus 3” wide bunk beds. Cooking and heating is by electric.

These chalets are recommended for up to 6 people. The overall size is approximately 22’ by 20’.

Please note- although our general rule of ‘no dogs’ applies, an exception may be made for certified guide dogs. Copperfield 1 is the only chalet designated for this purpose.



Prices for April 2022, 'Copperfield'

2nd-9th APR: £200

9th-16th: £200

16th-23rd £200

23rd-30th: £200

Weekly Prices for May 2022

7th-14th MAY: £200

14th-21st: £200

21st-28th: £245

28th MAY-4th JUNE: £265

Weekly Prices for June 2022

4th-11th JUNE: £275

11th-18th: £275

18th-25th: £275

25th JUNE-2nd JULY: £275

Weekly Prices for July 2022

2nd-9th JULY: £275

9th-16th: £310

16th-23rd: £310

23rd-30th: £315

27th AUG-3rd SEPT: £395

20th-27th: £395

13th-20th: £395

6th-13th AUG : £395

Weekly Prices for August 2022

Weekly Prices for September 2022

10th-17th: £315

17th-24th: £310

24th-1st OCT: £280

22nd-29th: £220

15th-22nd: £220

8th-15th: £220

1st-8th OCT: £220

Weekly Prices for October 2022

30th APR-7th MAY: £200

30th JULY-6th AUG: £395

3rd-10th SEPT: £390